Collaborative Construction in the Facade Sector

Alliance FacadesAt Alliance Facades, we take collaboration very seriously. So much so, it’s in our name!

Whether it be on safety, quality, cost or time, collaboration on all matters from the outset will ensure a better outcome for the entire supply chain and all that work within it. That is why we put cooperation at the forefront of our business.

Modern construction projects in the UK are complex – there is no getting away from it. Restrictive planning requirements, funding constraints, ever changing weather patterns and some of the most established (and at times confusing) building regulations make even the simplest of projects seem daunting. We believe these challenges make the need for a collaborative working environment even greater.

For many years, the concept of collaborative working has been championed in construction articles and government backed reports as ‘the future’. For those of us who have worked in the industry for a while, this is a world away from reality. Ever increasing payment terms, extended retention holding periods and the passing of substantial risk down the supply chain does nothing to convince us that collaborative working practices are becoming more mainstream.

That being said, there are greens shoots appearing in the industry. The unwelcome downfall of one of the facade sectors darlings – Lakesmere – and of construction giant Carillion may be the catalyst to the widespread use of ring-fenced project bank accounts, which will go some way to protect the supply chain and in turn, promote cooperation. Collaborative forms of contract also appear to be on the rise, generally led by public sector projects. In their unamended form, these contracts try to establish shared risk and rewards, early interaction and good faith throughout the supply chain. Some voices within the industry have even gone as far as to say that construction contracts will become obsolete if collaborative practices become the norm.

Whilst the utopia of a construction industry without the need for contracts may be some way off, we are proud to do our part in promoting long lasting partnerships with both our clients and sub-contractors. We believe that most, if not all of the challenges presented when constructing any facade can be negated through cooperative working practices.

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